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Brand New Sealed: Mario & Luigi: Partners In Time for the Nintendo DS


$ 19.99 $ 34.99

Recall the enjoyment of a classic video game and continue the exciting gameplay today with Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time for the Nintendo DS. Released in 2006, this game contains all of the delights of the Super Mario Bros. universe. This is another classic entry with the beloved plumber brothers, who are once again adventuring through time to save Princess Peach. With Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time, gamers will enjoy a classic experience and a fun, enjoyable game from Nintendo. This game is well-suited to children and adults alike. Any gamer can enjoy hours of fun and entertainment in this exciting challenge with their Nintendo DS. Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time is an excellent entry in the Mario series for the Nintendo DS. This adventure was originally a sequel to Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga for the Nintendo DS, yet its story, humor, and adventure make it stand out in its own right. In this strategy and platforming quest, Mario and Luigi must leave the Mushroom Kingdom and travel back in time. They encounter the baby versions of themselves as well as the younger forms of other characters. Their mission is to save the princess. Along with fighting the present Bowser and baby Bowser, they must also fight alien creatures called Shroobs. Each Shroob has immense power, however, and is able to take on any formidable foe. Join up with the favorite plumbing duo, Mario and Luigi, as they match up in this one of many time-twisting games. Players of this Nintendo DS adventure game must use a split screen to keep track of their surroundings. This way, you can control both sets of avatars as they travel on their adventure. While most battle attacks take place individually, gamers can use special items like the Cannonballer to team up all four brothers for powerful fighting action.An exciting feature of the game is the split screen, where gamers can manipulate both an adult and baby character. Players can map out their missions on one screen and control the plumbers on another screen. Another prominent feature is that gamers can team up all four characters for maximum power. With accessories like the Trampoline or Cannonballer, gamers can use combo moves and accessories to defeat enemies and gain points. Adaptable to all Nintendo DS game systems, including 3DS and Wii U, this adventure can be taken anywhere. It also includes over 20 hours of gameplay and is suitable for all ages.This is not only about action and adventure. It's full of humor, comedy, and fun. This is also an excellent choice for gamers who like to solve puzzles and appreciate an engaging story. For children and adults of all ages, this is an enjoyable, exciting, and fun classic video game. This game is rated E for Everyone. Indeed, Partners in Time is a great choice for anyone looking for a great platforming adventure with Mario and Luigi. For those that are entertained by solving problems, overcoming obstacles, and being a hero, this is an excellent choice.
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