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Providing creative custom video game equipment to bring your game to the next level - In Style.

Video games – and video gamers – are awesome. TNT Interactive is a company that adds to the awesomeness by manufacturing and providing custom video game equipment so that you can depict the uniqueness of your character all the while video gaming away!
Located on the Central Coast of California in a small beach town called Morro Bay, TNT Interactive is fueled by a team of creators, inspirers, and gamers that combine their love for gaming with their love for innovation and creativity. We started with the aim to provide products that will allow our customers to express themselves in the most creative of ways: through their video game equipment. Today, we stand committed to our aim and dedicated to utilizing the best of our ideas and imagination to design and develop custom video game equipment for all.
Today, our product range shines with bright custom equipment as well as controllers and accessories for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. You can pick from a variety of custom products knowing there’s literally no other like it! Why settle for boring and conventional when you can go creative?
We understand the importance of functionality when it comes to video games so our custom video game equipment is not just creative in appearance but also fully functional and high quality in usage as well. All our custom equipment is purely our own creation. We brainstorm for the best and most unique of ideas to implement on our products and then work extensively to develop and test the products ourselves. This way, we ensure high quality and durability of every product on our range – tested and tried ourselves!
For any questions or concerns, we’d love to assist you! Get in touch with us today.

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