Dope shit for your game - Killing the competition one headshot at a time

Our Creative Process

We have a small band of die hard gamers that were looking for other ways to differentiate ourselves from each other. We enjoy the time we spend together competing in the virtual world and also wanted to compete with the type of gear we used. Many years ago we stumbled on the ability to customize controllers, we were so stoked on having a piece of gaming equipment that nobody else had.

So that lead us down the road of modifying and changing the stuff we use to play our video games with. From different colored cases, different style buttons and different graphics and styles that just looked cool. Today we have the ability to swap out and change any Microsoft Xbox or Sony PlayStation controller parts for different parts to fit anybody's personal style. We have also started designing other video game accessories to be stylishly built, like controller chargers, carrying cases and battery packs. 


The Making of a Customized Controller


1. We think of a nice color combination that isn’t already on the market, like pink and black.

2. Get a stock controller.

3. Disassemble the controller, remove any stock pieces we do not want to reuse and reassemble using custom pieces to make the perfectly customized controller.


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