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Brand New Sealed - The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass for the Nintendo DS

$ 19.99 $ 34.99

"The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass" takes gamers on a brand-new experience. After Ganon's defeat, tragedy strikes Link and his friends as the ghost ship kidnaps Tetra. Sword in hand, Link vows to rescue his friend. Similar to "The Wind Waker," Link will travel across The Great Sea and navigate perilous dungeons to save his friend Tetra.The first thing you'll notice about "The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass" is its graphical art style. The cell-shaded graphics from Wind Waker return, giving Link, his companions, and other characters a cartoonish look. This look extends to both the objects and environments in the world as well. "Phantom Hourglass" truly feels like a cartoon come to life and is an impressive feat for a handheld console.At its core, "Phantom Hourglass" features similar gameplay elements as its Zelda predecessors while adding numerous twists and features. The game makes full use of the unique control scheme of the Nintendo DS system. The top half of the screen displays your map while the bottom half displays the game itself. Players can use the included stylus to draw routes on their sea charts, which will then appear in the game. You'll also use the touchscreen to shoot cannons, make the boat jump over obstacles, and even take notes on the map. Sailing from island to island when you're out on the ocean has been made faster. Players can reach new destinations in half the time it would normally take in the previous Legend of Zelda titles.Unlike Legend of Zelda games of the past, which used a standard controller, Link is controlled in "Phantom Hourglass" by the stylus. This innovative control scheme allows pinpoint accuracy when playing the game. After a few hours of play, you'll control Link with a degree of accuracy you won't be able to achieve with a standard controller. Likewise, you'll attack enemies with the stylus by swiping in specific directions. This sword mechanic allows you to target individual weak spots on your foes.You'll be glad you have these advanced controls at your disposal as you face tough opponents in "Phantom Hourglass." At the end of every dungeon is a huge boss. These bosses are so big they take up both screens at once. Some dungeons, such as the Temple of the Ocean King, are less about fighting bosses and more about surviving. You'll need to use your wits rather than your brawn to survive this location.Once the story adventure is over, the fun is just beginning. Dive into the multiplayer mode where you and three friends battle it out. One player will play as Link, and the other three are dastardly temple guardians. If the guardians catch Link, the match is over. The player who survives the longest wins.

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