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New Earthbound - SNES Super Nintendo - Cart Only

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  • Released in 1995, EarthBound for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System console has become a cult classic. Much of that has to do with the game's story. EarthBound, known as the Mother 2 in Japan, was designed as a realistic RPG game. As Ness, you won't venture into castles and villages but rather cities and laboratories. To save your game, you'll call your father using a payphone. To get from location to location, you buy a ticket for the bus. Even your weapons are baseball bats and slingshots instead of swords and shields. This SNES game starts in your small village of Onett where a meteor has crash-landed in your backyard. An otherworldly presence instructs you to find eight powerful objects to stop an evil force called Giygas from consuming the world. Giygas seeks to take over the world and turn all creatures and humans into malicious beings. You'll control Ness and a group of characters while visiting eight sanctuaries to collect melodies and stop the threat. As you travel from location to location, you will encounter enemies to battle. EarthBound uses a turn-based combat system in the first-person view. This view means that when combat begins, you can see your enemies, but you can't see your characters. You'll exchange blows back and forth until your enemies fall. The HP system in EarthBound is unique; rather than the damage coming off immediately, it counts down from a counter. Even if an enemy scores a critical hit on you, you can still heal yourself before you pass out if you're quick enough. The realistic slant of EarthBound extends to the enemies as well. You'll fight everything from possessed cars to hippies and yetis. In fact, the first boss battle in this Super Nintendo game takes place in an arcade against a group of local bullies. You will have some tricks up your sleeves when it comes to fighting off this array of enemies. Ness is never alone as he's joined by three other travelers. Paula is a girl who was captured by a cult and holds a secret. Jeff is a genius; he's able to invent new weapons with the objects around him. Poo is the prince of a faraway kingdom. Together with these three friends, Ness is ready to tackle the world. Eventually, your characters will gain access to powerful PSI attacks as well. You'll use these psychic powers to damage all your opponents at once or protect your friends from harm. You'll also win money in the bank that you can use to buy weapons, armor, and other items to heal your wounds. Part of the original Mother series, EarthBound for the Super Nintendo features a unique graphical style. Everything in this RPG Nintendo game pops off the screen and appears realistic. The music in the game was composed by Keiichi Suzuki and Hirokazu Tanaka. The soundtrack won awards from publications such as Nintendo Power. The goal of game director Shigesato Itoi was to create a video game that appealed to everyone. For this reason, EarthBound is suitable for all ages, so both kids and adults can enjoy and play it. While this SNES game features some humor only adults will get, it still has plenty of humor for the little ones. If you're a gamer looking for an original SNES role-playing game, pick up a copy of EarthBound. This complete 30-hour Nintendo adventure is one you'll never forget.

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