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New StarCraft 64 - Nintendo N64 - Cart Only

$ 19.99 $ 34.99

Based directly on Blizzard's extremely popular 1998 science fiction PC real-time strategy game, the adaptive Terrans, solemn Protoss, and pervasive Zerg craft war on the virtual battlefields of the Nintendo 64 in this release. The only version of the game on any console, StarCraft 64 features missions from the original PC game and the StarCraft: Brood War expansion set as well as new missions designed specifically for this edition, for a total of 60 different levels. Gamers will need the N64 Expansion Pak to play the Brood War levels or battle against a friend in the game's unique split-screen multiplayer mode. The Terrans are "regular" humans, known for their ability to move quickly and adapt to their surroundings. The Protoss are a race of noble heritage, advanced in technology and slow to change from their tried and true ways. The Zerg are creatures of a hive mentality that can reproduce voraciously and quickly mutate to accomplish different goals. By providing a choice of three very different armies to take to war (as opposed to the two tactically identical factions offered in earlier real-time strategies), StarCraft unlocks several new layers of strategic possibilities. Each race faces both of the other two at some point, but some interesting alliances can develop later in the game as well. Though the game is set in a science-fiction future of interplanetary exploration and interstellar travel, the battles take place on the solid ground of large space platforms and planet surfaces. The playing field maps are essentially two-dimensional, though plateaus and valleys can hinder movement or offer advantages to wisely positioned units. Each of the three races follows its own storyline and features special playable hero characters in addition to its distinct standard unit types.

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