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New Super Mario 64 - Nintendo N64 - Cart Only

$ 19.99 $ 34.99

Super Mario 64, one of three titles launched with the Nintendo 64 in Japan, is the original so-called "killer application" of the 64-bit generation. It's the game that's expected to make Nintendo 64 systems fly off shelves. Super Mario 64 is the first true Mario adventure game since Super Mario World -- almost a six-year absence in between games. If you recall, it said Mario was going to take a vacation at the end of Super Mario World. Since then, our fat, little Italian plumber has appeared in many spin-off games, including Mario Paint, Super Mario Kart and Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island, all for the 16-bit Super NES. But he hasn't starred in his own adventure since the Super NES' first game, Super Mario World.<br><br>In true Mario fashion, Bowser again has kidnapped Princess Peach. The only way you can meet Bowser is by exploring the Princess's empty castle. There are picture frames in the castle's rooms into which you can jump. You'll then be transported magically into worlds of grass, water, fire, ice, desert and more. Hidden inside each world are at least six power stars for you to acquire. It will take a minimum of 70 power stars to meet Bowser for the grand finale. Super Mario 64 is not necessarily your typical Mario game. There's no power-up mushroom, no fire flower and no invincibility star. The game isn't just going left to right and navigating platforms anymore. Instead, you can move Mario around anywhere you want and do whatever you want -- all in real-time, three-dimensional graphics. Surprisingly, there are some differences between the Japanese and American versions of Super Mario 64. The newer American version contains some spoken dialogue in the beginning and ending, more sound effects, and a few minute graphical changes compared to this Japanese version.

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