Dope shit for your game - Killing the competition one headshot at a time

Weapons of Mass Destruction - PS4 Performance Triggers and Precision Thumbsticks - 1 Tall Stem & 1 Short Stem Stick - Black

$ 13.95 $ 15.95

Weapons of Mass Destruction - Performance Triggers and Precision Thumbsticks. Advanced thumb and trigger grips that uses the science of human design to improve gameplay by increasing your range of motion, comfort and control while gaming.


  • Guaranteed to improve your KDR! Now Approved for Tournament Play!
  • Meticulously designed ergonomics to deliver an intensely comfortable gaming experience
  • Pro Gamers count on WMDs to - Increase accuracy, Improve Trigger response and Dominate the Competition!
  • 1 Tall Stem Thumbstick for more precise movements at max sensitivity and 1 Short Stem Thumbstick with a wide surface area for added comfort, grip and accuracy
  • Performance Triggers with proprietary non-slip grip - Don't let them catch you slippin

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